Residential Services, Koltec is the premier provider of residential HVAC service for Central Florida. We provide a range of services, level of expertise and fast, dependable support. We also have the experience to maintain and repair both residential units and the most sophisticated new air conditioning  systems.

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Marnie forestieri

The team at Koltec understands the importance of superior customer service. They are able to be strategic in setting companies up with the right plan, they respond quickly to issues and are extremely honest I highly recommend Luis and his team at Koltec.


Our church of Forest City SDA

Our church of Forest City SDA is very grateful to koitec for all their contributions and support to our more than 250tons units of air conditioning Koltec has Been very valuable allied in the proper maintenance of all our AC equipment ( chiller, package units and split units). They provide reliable and fast service at fair price. Pastor Douglas


Jorge Montegro

It's a very professional service at a fair price, they explained me why my AC was not cooling properly and they got it fixed really fast. From now on, they are my new HVAC trusted people.


Carlos E. Diaz

Very professional staff, they know their work well.


Rafael Lopez

Excellent company very friendly, professional and very successful people when giving advice on the purchase of new equipment, highly recommended